Beyond Hogwarts: The Only Online Conference

“Welcome to Beyond Hogwarts, the only ongoing online Harry Potter fan conference.

Beyond Hogwarts is an academic resource, unraveling and discussing the mysteries of the Harry Potter saga, and beyond the books, into the future of Harry’s Wizarding world.”

Internet Hermit that I am, I’d never heard of this site. I’m stumped about how it qualifies as “an academic resource” or even as “the only ongoing online fan conference,” but it looks friendly enough. Any HogPro All-Pros or Hog’s Head Tavern ever test the waters at Beyond Hogwarts? Let us know what you think of it — or if you know of other thoughtful Potter sites I should know about. Time for me to get out a bit…


  1. I think this is the group from that surfaced after “Half-Blood Prince”, except they’ve changed their purpose/name since the release of “Deathly Hallows”.

  2. cbaker1, good catch. Yep, that’s the same group. I poked around for about 5 minutes and found this link, which is the thing the guy wrote after HBP about Dumbledore not being dead.

    I think I’ll pass. But the question still remains, why can they call themselves the only on-line HP conference. Isn’t that what we’ve all been doing for years here, and at The Hogs Head and HP Progs? And isn’t mugglenet still going? I know TLC is and still has forum discussions on HP.

    We all seem to be branching out a bit, discussing other books (or sometimes movies). But that’s a natural outgrowth of the years we’ve spent talking about HP. When something new comes along, or sometimes it’s something old, it’s fun to discuss it with people with whom you’ve shared those kind of conversations about Harry Potter.


  3. Oh, I see that the link from cbaker1 and I lead to the same page. They’ve just incorporated it into their new site. Oops.

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