Bree Tanner: Mrs. Meyer Tells All

The full interview is available at The Twilight Saga (which involves a fairly involved registration process!) and excerpts from the interview have been published at USA Today. On the eve of the book being on sale in book stores and posted online at the author’s site, Mrs. Meyer expands on what she has told her readers previously about the novella’s origins and the influence of the Twilight movies on its composition.

I was most intrigued by this question and comment:

We know Bree dies before we begin the story. How did it feel to explore the Twilight universe from a darker angle?

At first I thought it would be fun. I was focused more on the plot than on the character—very rare for me—and I was looking forward to spending time with some real vampire-y vampires. I had a lot of scenes of destruction in my head that I wanted to get down on paper. But as I started looking at those scenes through Bree’s eyes, the character started to become more important than the fun destruction. The more I fell in love with Bree and her friends, the more heartbreaking it felt to go forward. It ended up feeling dark in an entirely different way than I expected.

I’m looking forward to our Bree Tanner discussion here next week, in which I hope we can unwrap the dark side of Mrs. Meyer’s allegorical vampires, as well as the themes and meanings of the larger series I am confident we will see augmented and tweaked in this supplementary text.

I do ask that readers here not post any spoilers from the book — am Eclipse novella to be released of which we all know the ending? — until Sunday night when I put up an open thread and my first thoughts for your comments and correction. Please do volunteer your thoughts today about The Twilight Saga interview and why you think Mrs. Meyer chose to write about her “vampre-y vampires” rather than her more like-able lot, the Celestial Family.

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