Bronte Sisters Power Dolls with Kung Fu Grip!

If there had been a Potter Mania before the Georgian Era, what might the Austen Age have been like? Here is one possibility:

Frankly, this 1998 spoof says a lot about Twilight and Harry Potter fandoms, from the requisite political correctness to the ubiquitous riding of the commercialization wave via movies and “fan events” organized by non-fans. It says a lot, but I will let someone else unpack it.


  1. Deja vue – all over again!

    Thanks for the memories, but I shudder to think about how much “progress” would have been made if this had started amongst the Bronte era afficianados of literature and entertainment. By now it would have been huge, gigantic, enormous Bronte-sell=us’s.

    Your pardons for the paranomasia attempt!

  2. John Stanifer says

    Oh, man. It’s a good thing I didn’t have food or drink in my mouth when I was watching this. It would have been sprayed all over my laptop. Hilarious!

    My favorite parts were the book-throwing action and the Brontesaurus.

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