Bulletin Board: LeakyCon last CFP, my Patronus, and the Pope

Four quick links and notes on a beautiful Friday afternoon here in OKC!

(1) LeakyCon sent out its “insider” email to tens of thousands today to ask those already registered for their big ideas about programming. Read all the details here. This last ‘call for papers’ or other type of presentation has a deadline of 10 March. If you’d like a chance to speak to up to 5,000 members of a kaleidoscope of fandoms, this may be your best shot.

(2) Buzzfeed, one of the most popular time wasters on the internet (which OMG is really saying something, right?), has posted a multiple choice personality test of sorts called ‘What’s Your Patronus?’ At the conclusion of this battery, having discerned your inner essence through the answers given, the site provides you with what form your corporeal Patronus will take once you master Expecto Patronum! Hat tip, James!

The Pope outed and a way to read all of Harry Potter in less than a day after the jump!

(3) First Things, perhaps America’s leading journal on faith and culture and certainly one largely about the Roman Catholic perspective on events, today shared its inner National Inquirer with a piece titled ‘Pope Francis Has a Secret: He’s Jennifer Lawrence (Can You Handle the Truth?).’ It’s not an especially opaque transparency, let’s call it satire of popular coverage of the new pope — and it is pretty funny. We’ve come a long way from that other pope who is supposed to have hated Harry Potter; now we have a pontiff who plays Katniss Everdeen on the silver screen!

(4) The LA Times reports today that Spritz has a new e-reader that steams words one at a time so that email, novels, whatever can be read at 1,000 words per minute with as good or better comprehension and retention as the usual, tried and true way. Their ‘Shared text’ push? Read All of Harry Potter in One Day: Reading Re-imagined.’ Not the Bible, not Shakespeare or Dickens. The Hogwarts Saga.

Make of that what you will! Hat tip, to Ben!

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