But wait, There’s More! Voyage of the Dawn Treader Trailer

In all our fuss and dither over the big Eclipse premiere today and the tempting new Deathly Hallows  trailer, we mustn’t forget another upcoming treat. The official Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer is available now. I’m delighted to see the scene with the picture, but no sneak peeks of Eustace as a dragon, perhaps to avoid the inevitable HP comparisons.  I’m really curious to see if the last few pages of the book, some of the most powerful in the Chronicles, will make it to the screen. And what is with the Hollywood trailer makers and the giant letter title thing at the end?


  1. Hopefully this movie does not try to put in romances not in the book (Susan and Caspian, yech!). I loved the second movie until the cheap song and kiss at the end. Voyage was the book where Caspian met his wife, so we shouldn’t have trouble there.

  2. Elizabeth says

    And doesn’t the Star’s Daughter look nice? Anyone taking bets on whether she gets a name from some screenwriter who thinks it demeaning that she is known merely by her title (It’s actually a kind of respect, I’ve always thought)?
    What’s that fight scene? The Lone Islands slavery episode?
    I actually love the song at the end of PC; it almost allowed me to recover from my horror over that ludicrous smooch.

  3. FWIW, it was revealed about a month ago that the Star’s Daughter is now named Lilliandil (basically, “Lillian” with a Tolkienesque “-dil” suffix tacked on).

  4. Elizabeth says

    Ooh, thanks, Peter. Does anybody else see a “Lilith” sound there? I don’t think Jack would approve, do you?

  5. I have as much hope that this will correctly follow the book as Prince Caspian did, which is to say, none.

  6. And what’s the with the “testing” of Edmund. He’s been tested. He failed and then redeemed himself. Let the White Witch die!

  7. Elizabeth says

    Apparently some sort of deal was struck with Tilda to keep her coming back! That section, on the dream (not daydreams, dream) island, promises to be interesting. In the text, we primarily stick with Lucy, and she just guesses what the others are experiencing by what they say. With film, we can see everyone’s nightmares. Then again, that may be terrifying.

  8. This is my fav of the whole series…well, maybe the last battle…I dunno. I think this book ends about as good as any book can. This precious material has not been in great hands for the films. The makers have not been able to catch the very thing that makes Narnia a great place to be…Lewis’ voice. If he’s not telling the story it just doesn’t do it for me. Even perhaps more than LOTR, I don’t think Narnia can be filmed.

  9. On a whim I finally saw “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” against my better judgment. (based on the poor adaptation of “Prince Caspian”) . What a disappointment. This dreadful adaptation was worse than I had thought possible , throwing out huge chunks of Lewis’s novel, rearranging events from the book that make no dramatic sense , losing perfectly good dialogue from the book and replacing it with flat, uninspired lines. “Prince Caspian” was bad, “Dawn Treader” is worse. I’m done with the Narnia movies. No more for me if the same creative team stays at the helm of the next movies (if there are any) . Walden Media has lost sight of the noble goals they had when they started this series. (and I expect they’ve lost their core audience: the more faithful adaptation , “The Lion, the Witch , and the Wardrobe” was the most financially successful of the three Narnia movies released so far. ) I’m no purist when it comes to adapting books into films ; obviously there are compromises and changes that need to be made to successfully transition a book to the cinematic realm, but NOT at the expense of making the story confusing and boring .

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