Carlin Brothers: Jacob Kowalski – Squib!

Hat-tip to Lana for sharing this find!


  1. Tyler Brown says

    This is cool! Their theory that he is a descendent of Helga Hufflepuff was also well thought through, it seemed to me. Involving hidden meanings in names, etc. in classic Rowling style. Recommended!

  2. The Brothers get a bit hyper and carried away with their theories. I rather doubt Jacob is a *direct* Squib, that is, I don’t think either of his parents (or any of his grandparents) was known to be magical. There could have been a witch or a wizard somewhere *very* far back in his ancestry who had a disappointingly non-magical child, and none of the child’s descendants ever happened to meet and marry another Squib. (This is, supposedly, Rowling’s preferred explanation for “Muggle-Born” wizards, and it implies that “Squib-ness” can be passed on just as wizard-ness can.)

    Of course, as the creator of the wizarding universe, she’s entitled to change her mind at any time about anything.

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