Lancelot Schaubert – Alchemical Alliteration

Long time friend of the Hogwarts Professor and prolific author Lancelot Schubert has written a guest post. For a fascinating possible link between alliteration, doubled consonants, alchemical symbolism and Christian imagery, join me after the jump!



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Chris Calderon – What Rowling’s Narrative Epigraphs Can Tell Us About the Character of Cormoran Strike.

We are very fortunate that long time stalwart of the Hogwarts Professor – Chris Calderon has submitted a guest post. Now that it is likely Dylan Thomas will be providing the epigraphs to The Running Grave, what can the epigraphs of the Strike series tell us about both the character of the protagonist and the overall narrative arc? To find out follow after the jump!



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Shay Adler – Harry Potter in the Jewish Wisdom’s Perspective

Today we have a very special Guest Post from scholar of the Talmud Shay Adler. This article has been enthusiastically previewed by “Dean of Harry Potter Scholars” – John Granger and the author of Snape the Definitive Guide – Lorrie Kim. I include John’s review down below and hope you will join Lorrie in joining the conversation in the comments. In the mean time, please enjoy Harry Potter in the Jewish Wisdom’s Perspective:


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Chris Calderon – The Hermetic Mystery Cycle of Dorothy L. Sayers

Chris Calderon, long time stalwart of Hogwarts Professor has submitted a guest post that argues that three of Dorothy L. Sayers  Wimsey novels (Strong Poison, Have His Carcase and Gaudy Night), that feature Harriet Vane, form an alchemical sequence. Chris makes a compelling argument, check it out after the break:

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Guest Post: Uptown Funk, The New Years Song that Sunk Strike at Annabel’s

“Wonder how Robin’s enjoying skiing?’ Midge shouted up to Strike as ‘Uptown Funk’ began pounding through the room (IBH, pg. 22, Chap. 3).


It’s New Year’s Eve and Ink Black Heart readers naturally think of Strike’s meeting Madeline at Annabel’s. The music that was playing as he makes perhaps the biggest mistake of his romantic life? Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk.’ Chris Calderon shares his thoughts below about the song and why he thinks it is a meaningful choice for this scene.

Happy New Year!

In honor of the turning of the New Year, I thought it a fun idea to share the song that was playing at the club in Ink Black Heart, where Strike was foolish enough to let his guard down around Cupid, the god of eros, and thus fell into one of Charlotte’s snares.  I do it for two reasons.  The first is because the song itself acts as a subtle marker to the online nature of IBH.  Much like the adventures of Hearty and Friends, the song Uptown Funk has gained the same sort of internet notoriety and fame due to the influence of fans exerting their will on the work of another artist, or in this case, a whole slew of past artists.

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