House of the Binns: Another History Connection

A letter from HogPro All-Pro Jeremy:

Just a bit of fun, John: I came across these links to House of the Binns at and the National Trust for Scotland!

My interest in Prof Binns arose following your post last week about the importance of 1692, the Seekers and the Muggletonians. I have always supposed the fact only Hermione (standing in for JKR) was interested in history, and that this subject was taught in the most boring way possible at Hogwarts, pointed to something. [Read more…]

Free Harry Potter Wallpaper!

I kid you not.

Muggletonians: Whence Potterverse’s ‘Muggles’?

The word ‘Muggle’ has become, like the words ‘Deathly Hallows’ and ‘Horcruxes’ and names like ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Voldemort,’ so much a part of our vocabularies that it doesn’t seem to have a meaning apart from the Hogwarts Saga or one greater than non-words like ‘Kodak’ or ‘Xerox.’ But I’m learning from reading I’m doing as research for my book on Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, oddly enough, that ‘Muggle’ has an extraordinary meaning and one that touches on the heart and soul of Mrs. Rowling’s artistry. [Read more…]

Science & Industry Museum Potter Exhibit: Why?

Okay, I’m clueless. Again.

The Museum of Science and Industry, that really cool place on Chicago’s South Side with the submarine and coal mine, has a Harry Potter Exhibit. Read about it here.

Other than purely mercenary motives, what are they thinking? Science? Industry? I don’t get it.

Must be proximity to the ‘School Experience Most Like Hogwarts.’

Your thoughts?

Copyright Claim Contra TriWizard Tournament

Bloomsbury faces Harry Potter copyright claim 15.06.09

Bloomsbury Publishing is being sued by the estate of children’s writer Adrian Jacobs over claims that J K Rowling “copied” his work in one of her Harry Potter books. The estate is also seeking a court order against Rowling for “pre-action disclosure” in order to determine whether to include her as a defendant. [Read more…]