Christ Symbolism in Strike6 For Easter

Happy Easter, Western Christians!

A dear friend, Lancelot Schaubert, sent me the picture below this morning, an image from a church, I’m assuming, somewhere in New York City. It’s of a hearth/altar whose carved centerpiece is a Pelican, a mother feeding her chicks from her own blood:

If you want to know the connection between this image, Rowling, Ink Black Heart, Christ’s sacrificial, maternal love and His relationship with the members of His mystical body in the Eucharist, not to mention my work, scroll down this Strike6 post to read ‘The Pelican At Last.’

Again, Happy Easter! And thank you, Lancelot, for the wonderful picture.


  1. St. Joseph’s in the Village. Oldest church in Manhattan, Oldest Fresco in the United States, and in collaboration with Most Holy Nativity where Dorothy Day did her work.


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