Convention Alley 2008: HogPro & Hog’s Head Together!

For those of you thinking about whether to come to Ottawa next month to attend the ‘Harry Potter for Grown-Ups’ Conference (Convention Alley 2008) and who needed just one more reason to sign up and make a room reservation, here are two or three reasons!

I learned late last night after finishing the FAQ section of my new book that Travis Prinzi, the webmaster at Hogwarts Professor’s sister site Hog’s Head Tavern, will be a Featured Speaker at Convention Alley 2008 and will be giving two talks. Mr. Prinzi, in addition to these talks, will be liveblogging from the University of Ottawa home of the Conference and doing a pubcast. I think that adds up to three or four reasons sufficient to inspire your registration.

I hope very much that, if you enjoy Mr. Prinzi’s written and Pubcast commentary as much as I do, that this gives you the final push you’ll need to register for Convention Alley 2008. It promises to be a great time with great talks and better discussion and fellowship afterwards.

And I will be selling the first edition, first available copies of my The Deathly Hallows Lectures (Zossima Press, 2008). ZPress has decided to make Convention Alley 2008 the occasion for a “book launch” and I hope you will be there for that hoopla. My two Featured talks will be taken from that book (‘Unlocking Deathly Hallows‘ and either a tour of Ms. Rowling’s Florence or my exegesis of the Bisected, Triangulated Circle symbol for the Hallows and what it means to Harry) and I look forward to getting your feedback about this hot-off-the-presses title!

See you there!


  1. Gladius Terrae Novae says

    What do you think about the Deathly Hallows symbol? I haven’t heard anything about that yet! (Gets out paper and pen.)

  2. If you read the first paragraph of chapter 16, ‘The Goblin’s Revenge,’ you can see in story form the dynamic and individual pieces of the Deathly Hallows symbol.

    But that’s all I’m saying until Ottawa.

  3. Geez, John. I’d love to go! But as much as I love your work and Ottawa and travelling, I think I need to make some money and plan my life. But if there is even the slightest chance, I will be there!


  4. Gladius Terrae Novae says

    Well well well… I suppose I shall have to reread it. Oh the pain! 🙂

  5. John,
    No chance of you attending Portus? I was disappointed not to see your name on the list of presenters. Can’t wait for your new books!

  6. I have been a Keynote Speaker at three of the HPEF fancons, was voted “Best Presentation” at one, and gave two talks and moderated a luncheon in Toronto. I have nothing but good memories of HPEF conferences and I do hope to be invited again someday. I was not surprised that I was not invited to Portus 2008, though; three years running for a minor league BNF (any not named Steve, Melissa, or Emerson) would be a bit much.

    My 2008 Fan Conference speaking schedule so far is Conference Alley 2008 in Ottawa next month, a trip to Hudson, Ohio, for their Hogwarts Birthday party, and, I hope, a Halloween date. I’ll post about that and the Hudson, Ohio, party soon.

    I’ll be writing, studying, and moving this summer more than speaking, which, given the madness of last summer, is a welcome change.

  7. Red Rocker says

    Bummer. bummer, bummer.

    I just found out at the Hog’s Head that next Friday at Convention Alley John will be speaking on Snape and Dante.

    And I have to miss it.

    Any chance you’ll post your talk at this site after?

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