Cormoran’s Army is Back!

Leda Welcoming Back the Swan-God

Check out this still-in-progress revival of the Cormoran’s Army [‘CA’] weblog of old.

The first post features a round-up of what we’ve written here at Hogwarts Professor since GoDaddy deep-sixed the original CA late last year. The post has quite a bit of Lethal White summary speculation, too.

[For those not up to speed on Rowling’s mythological underpinning in her Strike stories, Leda (pictured at right greeting the Swan) plays a big part in it, as do her twin sons with Zeus, Cormoran and Shanker, I mean, Castor and Pollux.]

A new day for the CA! Doom Bar Detectives, Unite!


  1. Mr. Granger,

    You know, I wondered why the last one shut down. To be honest, I always assumed it was because there was more guarantee of traffic on this site than anywhere else.

    This seems more like a cause for celebration!

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