Crimes of Grindelwald Three Days Early

The premiere of Crimes of Grindelwald will be in Paris on 8 November this year, the London premiere will take place five days later on the 13th, and general distribution globally will be on 16 November when the ‘Original Screenplay’ will also be published. [‘Globally’ meaning ‘except for Japan,’ where the film will premiere with Jude Law and Eddie Redmayne in attendance on 21 November.]

All of which you probably knew. The news is that there will be a ‘Fandango Fantastic Fandom Event’ at various theaters throughout the US at which there will be one showing on 13 November. You can buy your tickets in advance (and you should if you expect to get inside the theater for the singular run). I have a ticket in hand — and look forward to sharing my thoughts with you about the second Fantastic Beasts film the next day.

Share that Fandango link with your friends so they, too, have a chance to see the film the same day (sort of!) as those privileged to squeeze into the one London theater with everyone in the UK lucky enough to have won a ticket. Again, there will be one showing three days before the 16 November official release date at theaters near you; I recommend you act now if you want a seat.

[Could this be a Warner Brothers marketing scam to juice official opening day sales? The fandom mobs at theaters on Tuesday night with their Willy Wonka golden tickets and everyone else feeling left out (and determined to see it that Friday on the official release date)? I think that’s more than likely. I still grabbed a seat, though, much as I’d prefer to resist the marketing hype, so the conversation can begin here on the 14th. I hope you’ll join me!]


  1. Kelly Loomis says

    Thanks!! I was wondering about something like this because I know someone who said they had a ticket for this date. Got mine!

    Although with everything that has been released, I think I’ve seen almost every image there is to see in this film!!

  2. Kelly Loomis says

    I hadn’t gotten to my other sites yet before I read yours!!

  3. David Llewellyn Dodds says

    One of my little hobby-horses (in one way or another largely thanks to you) is Saints Names in HP, but I wonder if JKR could sufficiently make her Presence felt to get any of these shewings on Saints’ Days of her choosing, should she wish to exert herself to that end?

    Imagining she did, does anything obvious strike you about why any of these would be the result?

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