Cyber Monday Deal on ‘Ring Composition:’ 30% Off

If you’ve been wanting to check out the charts and graphs detailing the relationships of the seven books in the Hogwarts Saga to one another as well as every single chapter as a reverse echo or parallel of another chapter in the book in which it appears, then today is the day to buy Harry Potter as Ring Composition and Ring Cycle at Everything there, including Ring as book or pdf, is 30% off today until midnight PST. Just enter CYBERMONDAY305 when you check out.


  1. Davetheshortwinded says

    Done! Thanks for the discount!! Every little bit helps. Although, considering the subject is understanding literature, “Every bit of lit helps”.

  2. I’ve been meaning to get this for ages, but whenever I thought about it, I was at the wrong computer or didn’t have my credit card nearby. Serendipity finally happened on Sunday–secure computer, ring comment on Hogwarts Professor, and card within arm’s reach. Voila! It is well worth full price.

  3. I didn’t see this until too late! I checked in here yesterday before you posted this, unfortunately. If you do another sale, can you give us a bit more notice?

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to reading the Ring Composition book soon.

  4. The sale has been extended. Order the book or pdf and type in CYBERTUESDAY305 before finalizing the deal, and, voila, 30% off.

    Until midnight Tuesday, PST.

  5. Thanks so much! I hope your daughter’s wedding was a beautiful, joyful occasion for your whole family.

  6. Thank you for extending this! I was so disappointed when I got that notice late but was able to get 2 copies today – one for me and one for a friend- I was looking for an excuse to buy this ever since we heard you talk in Philly.

  7. Until 7 December, LuLu is now offering a Buy Two Get One Free sale. Just enter ‘Buy2GetOne305’ with three items in your cart and you get one free book…

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