Deathly Hallows 2: Severus Dies In ‘Crystal House’

If you’ve seen the trailers for Warner Brothers’ adaptation of Deathly Hallows, you already know that we’re in for some major changes in the finale. Scenes of Harry and the Dark Lord in one-on-one battles around the Hogwarts campus are clue enough that liberties will be taken in the series’ film finish. We learned today, via an interview with the movie’s Art Director (?) on a Mexican movie web site discussed at HPANA and (H/T James), that (1) the death of Severus Snape will not be in the Shrieking Shack but in a ‘Crystal House,’ (2) that it will be visible from a boat house, and (3) that Ms. Rowling approved the changes with enthusiasm.

Can you believe we’re talking about this kind of thing six months before the movie comes out? Mission accomplished, WB marketing staff…


  1. I am always hesitant about making judgments based on such a slim description, but it strikes me as odd that for some reason WB should conclude that the actual location of Snape’s death should be something that requires such elaborate alteration and focus one way or the other.

    I suppose it isn’t really absolutely necessary that the Shrieking Shack be the location, but neither is it important that that the location be someplace particularly ornate. Primarily, it needs to be someplace Harry can gain access to in order to gain the memory.

    What is significant is Snape’s dedication. In a sense, the dirtier and more horrible the setting in which his death occurs, the greater his dedication shines. To me, if he remained loyal in mud, blood, and grime, his dedication would shine even more than it would in a setting of crystal and gold.

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