Deathly Hallows: Looking Back Three Months Later

It’s been almost three months since the phrenesis we all experienced in the weeks between Order of Phoenix: The Movie and the publication of Deathly Hallows this past July. What are your thoughts about the series finale now? For your convenience and to prompt your reflection on this question, I post the Thirty Threads on Deathly Hallows from the HogPro Archives. The most recent posts on thread #12 about the meaning of the three Hallows alone are worth a visit.

1. The Covers
2. The Opening Quotations from Aeschylus and Penn
3. The Christian Ending
4. Stoppered Death
5. Narrative Misdirection
6. The Hero’s Journey
7. The Rubedo
8. Postmodern Themes
9. Traditional Symbolism
10. Beheadings
11. Unrequited Love
12. The Horcruxes and Deathly Hallows
13. Ron’s Departure and Return
14. Transformations
15. Nazi Echoes
16. The Name Taboo
17. Phallic Phantasy?
18. Fairy Tales
19. The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore
20. Disappointed?
21. Philosopher Stone Echoes
22. Comparative Battle Scenes
23. Smuggling the Gospel Fallout
24. Three Controversial Points
25. John Granger at Prophecy 2007 and in Deathly Hallows?!
26. Struggling To Believe: The Dateline/Today Interviews
27. The Bloomsbury Chat
28. Opening and Closing Chapters
29. Arthuriana
30. Best Links for Deathly Hallows Commentary

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