Department of Accidental and Skewed Shared Text References: Kitten Pattern Dishes and DVDs Sale

As I was recently browsing the local classifieds, I nearly dropped the paper when I came across these two entries back to back. I have been sorely tempted to call the number of the second ad and ask for Dolores! I’m fairly certain the folks at the local paper probably didn’t put these two together on purpose, but it’s fun to think so.

 In related news, this fun Dilbert cartoon makes a great reference to our friends with the charming snake and skull tattoos, but, I have a little issue here; maybe it’s just me, but the description of the deadly cubicle color sounds more like it should be “dementor” instead of “Death Eater” gray.

 This, of course, begs the question. When a text becomes “shared text,” is part of that process necessarily seeing it mangled or misrepresented (how many people think Juliet is asking where Romeo is under her balcony instead of questioning the irony that he should be named Montague?)  What other “left-handed” allusions (or even unintentional ones!) have we seen cropping up as our shared text gets references in an ever-widening variety of places? Now I’m back to the classifieds to see if there’s an ad for used brooms and sports equipment that mentions calling and asking for “Ludo.”


  1. Arabella Figg says

    That is truly hilarious, Elizabeth. What are the odds?

    And I agree; with shared text we’re going to see shared botched text, which may even prove to be a better example of shared text.

  2. Elizabeth…In the interest of ‘shared texts’ and other ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ examples, I give you the latest Hunger Games parallel via I apologize that the photo of the hummingbird drone did not move with the text.

    “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane …
    It’s the U.S. Military?

    Pentagon is pouring hundreds of millions into spy-tech, from unmanned aerial systems to tiny drones”

    Can we say “jabberjays” and “QuarterQuell Arena”?

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