Did Jesus Visit St Mawes in Cornwall?

The Daily Mail presents the case for the legend of Jesus having traveled to Cornwall with Joseph of Arimethea, a maternal uncle, on a business trip to buy tin, a necessary component for bronze-making: ‘Did Jesus visit Cornwall? It sounds beyond belief. But according to local folklore, he sailed here as a teenager with his tin merchant uncle.’ I wonder if Dave Polworth was aware of this legend and if they weren’t connected to the mysterious caves he and his new friend were about to explore before Leda intervened. Surely Aunt Joan would have told her nephew about the Jesus Well, the Druids, and the tin connection?

That’s as close as I want to get to an ‘Easter piece’ here at HogwartsProfessor. I hope your celebrations of Western Easter are joyous!


  1. Lana Whited says

    The legend of Jesus visiting Cornwall reminded me, even before I read the Daily Mail article of the lines below from William Blake’s poem “Jerusalem” (which was famously set to music by Sir Hubert Parry and orchestrated by Sir Edward Elgar). I’m writing them here for all those who don’t choose to follow the link:

    “And did those feet, in ancient times, / Walk upon England’s mountains green / And was the holy Lamb of God,. On England’s pleasant pastures seen!”

    Happy Easter today and to those of you who celebrate somewhat later!

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