District 12 For Sale: 72 Acres in Carolina for US$1.4 Million

I kid you not. You can buy a piece of cinematic history! Think you can move into Tara or Forest Gump’s plantation mansion for only a million dollars and change? I think not. Read Buy District 12 from Hunger Games for $1.4 million:

83-year-old owner, Wade Shepherd, lives across the empty village, and originally purchased it to “protect his interests” after the last resident moved out in 1987. While Shepherd never mentioned the exact reason why he’s putting the town up for sale, there’s probably no better time than now: “I’m getting too many visitors. Day and night, they’re driving through, taking pictures, getting out and walking. I’m just bombarded with people,” he told the Associated Press. Your $1.4 million will get you several District 12 locations you’ve seen in the movie, including the Everdeens’ house and the Mellarks’ bakery.

For photographs of the Henry River Mill Town property, assuming you have US$1 or 2 million burning a hole in your pocket, see Prof. Baird-Hardy’s recent shots here and Dr. Amy H. Sturgis’ pictures taken well before the town was considered for the film shoot here. Note the sign in this photo advertising the property for sale a few years back (2008), I assume at a bargain price compared to the current going rate. At a little under $20,000 an acre today, I’m thinking Lionsgate elected to pass on the deal and build a new ‘old’ District 12 in another abandoned mill town somewhere else in Appalachia.

Your thoughts? Hat tip to RevGeorge!

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