District 12 Hunger Games Movie Trailer: Capitol TV!

For the story on the real world District 12 where these scenes were shot, check out ‘Hunger Games Fever Breaking Out in Cleveland County.’ Hat-tip to Elizabeth! For a chuckle (or three), read I’m Watching the Hunger Games Movie For Lent.


  1. Capitol media strikes again!

    Imagine the madness of teaching your children to hunt; you’d think the nutters were preparing their children for the Arena…

    Hat-tip, A2P!

  2. It all depends where you are from.

  3. Mary Ellen says

    I do not hunt or fish, but I do grow garden vegetables and birdwatch. I learned both skills as a very young child. I completely agree with parents who want to pass on these skills to their children. It takes early education and lots of practice to understand and live with nature.

    Good hunters are skilled trackers who love the wilderness and the animals that live there. They understand the creatures they hunt and (like Katness) are careful to shoot and kill quickly; and if they miss and wound instead, they know that they are responsible for tracking down and killing the wounded animal to keep it from suffering. One hunter friend spent an entire day out in freezing rain, tracking a wounded deer that another hunter had missed killing — he was eventually able to find it and make sure that it was killed. That kind of skill and commitment takes a lifetime of training. My friend learned hunting from his father, starting at a younger age than the girl in the picture.

    One of my teenage cousins thought that chicken was a kind of vegetable — after all, he only ever saw it dismembered and wrapped in plastic, or ground up, breaded and fried at a fast food restaurant. Better to really know that an animal had to die to make it to your dinner plate.

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