Do you want Autographed Copies of Zossima Press books?

If you do, just click here. The link will take you to the Zossima Press web site shopping cart. I’ll autograph anything you order there that I’ve written. You betcha.

Shamelessly mercenary John


  1. John, I like the shameless plug. 🙂 And I plan to order at least one book (if not more, budget allowing!) soon. Curious to know if *Unlocking Harry Potter* has been published yet or is still pre-publication? Sorry if I missed this important piece of news…


  2. I’ve already ordered mine (postage free of course!). Our family even watched ‘Sky High’ this weekend in prepartion of the chapter on metanarratives. (I hope that doesn’t sound like I’m brown nosing the prof or something.)

  3. Erm, yes please. I just ordered two books–so how does the autographed copy thing work anyway? It didn’t have anything about it on the order forms.

    Are the books available yet? It looks like they are still in the future.

    Pat (or Eeyore–doesn’t matter)

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