Draco Malfoy Actor Felton Writes Memoir

Tom Felton, who will turn 35 years old this September, has written his memoir, Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard, that will be published this October. All the details can be found at MuggleNet’s discussion of the new book. The key details are:

Beyond the Wand is set to be published in hardcover and digitally on October 13 in the United Kingdom and October 18 in the United States. Ebury Spotlight is publishing it in the UK, with an anticipated page count of 308, while Grand Central Publishing will be the US publisher, with a planned page count of 272.

There will also be a simultaneously published audiobook version read by Tom, published by Penguin Random House Audio in the UK and Hachette Audio in the US.

I have read Felton’s Wikipedia page and been impressed by the number and variety of the roles he has played post Potter as well as by his music recordings. The MNet discussion of his book points out that other Potter players have written books, but neglects to say that this is the first autobiography per se from the stars of the show (Evanna Lynch‘s The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting: The Tragedy and The Glory of Growing Up is more an eating disorder and OCD survivor story and self-help guide than a memoir). I think we can expect, especially if Felton’s book sells well at Christmas-time this year, that Rupert, Emma, and Daniel will be courted by publishers with better offers than they’ve already received.

That none of the Terrible Trio have accepted this easy money testifies perhaps both to their financial security and to the excellence of their brand-gurus’ advice. I suspect that, unlike Felton, who is not as well known as the Harry, Ron, and Hermione players and could use the boost a book will create in recognition and like-ability, the three main players, beloved as their childhood roles more than as the people they have become, could injure their marketability with even a ghosted memoir.

Your thoughts? Has anyone at age 35 written an autobiographical volume that didn’t regret it?


  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says

    An enticing double-barrelled quiz-question! (1) Who, under 35, has written an autobiography, and (2) who among them does/did not regret it? I can’t immediately think of any answers to either, but I’l be brooding!

    Thurber’s My Life and Hard Times was published when he was 38 or 39, and I’ve never heard that he regretted it…

  2. i’ve always loved tom so i’m excited for it!

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