Dumbledore is Gay? Interview at Icon New Media

I was interviewed by Steve McMeans of the Icon New Media network two weeks ago about my thoughts on Ms. Rowling’s October revelation that she “always thought of Dumbledore as gay.” All I remember of this exchange was thought I didn’t want to do the interview right then because I was preparing a talk on another subject and I was feeling rather grumpy and distracted. Just the attitude and mental posture you don’t want to have… If you have a moment, please listen to it and let me know what you think. The online essay I posted here that sparked Mr. McMeans’ interest is “I Always Thought of Dumbledore as Gay [Applause],” if you want to check the longer, more coherent original against these comments made a few weeks later.


  1. i thought what you had to say was coherent and sensible, given the weak and shallow questions you were given to answer. the interviewer seemed to have given little time to thinking of insightful questions.

  2. globalgirlk says

    um, wow… This guy didnot seem to want to listen. I’m not sure. I don’t really like the attitude that he had. I’m saddened that a truly good series has been somewhat ruined by the Ms. Rowlings remark that was taken out of context.

  3. JohnABaptist says

    My impression was that, in fact, there is not thirty minutes worth of conversation to be had on the subject. After about 10-15 minutes you had said all there was to say and Steve was scrambling and clawing trying to come up with enough material to fill the remaining time slot.

    I found your points well-made although a pre-scripted set of questions would have allowed you to have your points more cogently organized and eliminated some of the pauses, false starts and struggling to recall exact facts in an off-the-cuff format.

    On the whole you came off well and finished strongly. All considered, perhaps not an A performance, but certainly a strong B.

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