Essay Contest: Free Tickets to Leavesden Studios, London!

Imagine you are getting on an elevator in a high rise apartment building. You have had a long day and you’re looking forward to the evening in your penthouse apartment, an evening you plan to spend reading the book you’ve just received in the mail, hand delivered by Bob, the courteous desk attendant in the lobby. Probably the Concise History of World Populations: A Demographic History of the Planet. Can’t wait…

But as you get on the elevator, you overhear the conversation of the two women exiting, a grandmother and granddaughter pair judging from the ages, and this exchange:

Grandmother: “I’ve never understood your fascination with Harry Potter, Delilah. What is it that you find so enthralling about these stories?”

Granddaughter: “Oh. MaMa, how I wish you would read the books — or listen to them! Where do I begin?”

As they walk off hand in arm, oblivious to all others, you think —

What do you think?

In the first of what the faculty hopes are a series of HogwartsProfessor Short Essay Contests, we ask you to write a 500-750 word composition, poem, fictional vignette, whatever in answer to the question, “When I am asked why I love the Hogwarts Saga, I answer…” We will post the top ten responses we receive in the next two weeks — please share this challenge with your friends — and the essay receiving the most votes in an Ides of March tally will earn its author two free tickets to the Warner Brothers Studio Tours, London, a $100 value.

We won’t be paying your air fare to see the famous Leavesden Studios if you’re in North America, of course, or your stay, alas. Getting there is your job. We recommend with enthusiasm, though, that you make reservations at the Park Inn Watford  hotel, which establishment has kindly provided us with these tickets for a promotional give away. Hurrah!

Entries will be accepted until the stroke of midnight, Oklahoma City time, 1 March 2014. Get to work on those compositions and send them with the subject line ‘Park Inn Watford Leavensden Ticket Contest’ to john at hogwartsProfessor dot com.

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