Essays and Articles on the 50th Anniversary of C. S. Lewis’ Death

2013 was the 50th Anniversary of C. S. Lewis’ repose and the occasion merited much public reflection, perhaps especially in light of his death having been on the same day as John Kennedy’s assassination. The peak of the celebration and observances, I think it’s fair to say, was the dedication of a memorial to CSL in Westminster Abbey. Many interesting articles regarding the memorial at Westminster Abbey, as well as Lewis’s enduring legacy in general, can be found at publications such as The Christian Science MonitorThe Guardian, and The Daily Beast.
I’ve collected links to eight other articles below the jump for those who missed this in the Thanksgiving/Christmas rush of 2013. Enjoy!

He took on many modern shibboleths, but above all philosophical subjectivism. M. D. Aeschliman

Without self-restraint, we slip toward barbarism. Mark Steyn

C. S. Lewis’s social critiques are more relevant than ever in the Age of Obama. Joe Rigney

Christian apologist, novelist, public intellectual — Lewis spoke to his own time and ours in many voices. James Como

C.S. Lewis and Kennedy 50 years later. Nicole Russell

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