EW: Entertainer of the Year — Harry Potter!

Dan Radcliffe will be accepting the award for obvious reasons.

I confess to being surprised by this choice, which speaks to just how far outside the loop I’m living nowadays. Last summer’s blockbuster cinema hit, the finale of the greatest film franchise in history, seems like aeons ago. But who else could have been chosen as The Face of 2011?

I expect this is just the beginning of awards for the Warner Brothers series and cash cow. Anyone care to predict how many Oscar nominations the Hogwarts Saga conclusion will win? Is it possible Deathly Hallows B could top Return of the King for most gold statuettes?

If you’re asking, “Why should I care?,” the best answer I can think of is that this would be some measure of Harry’s ascent to the Shared Text summit, that is, acknowledgement by the Shadow Casters in the Capitol’s Cave. I welcome alternative ideas!

Did I mention Harry is hosting Saturday Night Live next month? Hat Tip, Arabella!


  1. As someone who follows the awards-season stuff, I gotta say, I don’t think DH will win that many Oscars. It will certainly be nominated for technical awards, such as visual effects. It may even get a few biggies – the Best Picture category is much more open than it used to be with 10 nominees. It won’t win these, however. I also don’t see any acting nominations – there’s already an over-crowded and competitive group vying for spots. It will certainly be more celebrated than any of the previous HP movies, but there aren’t any clean sweeps coming its way. Just my two cents 🙂

  2. There is no scar on his forehead in the photo. Funny how I expect to see it on this person.

  3. At John’s request, here’s another response to a comment of his via email regarding this post:
    This is just my hunch. I could be wrong, but having watched the Oscars every year since I was a kid, you pick up a hunch on these kind of things. I think the [Harry Potter] movies are generally good, and the nominations will acknowledge a decade of solid film making and the cultural importance of the whole thing, but not good enough to beat the likes of the other contenders. Also, dare I say it, it doesn’t even matter how good it is — Oscar doesn’t favor things deemed “for children” or fantasy in general (LOTR being the major and only exception in the entire history of the awards) unless they’re in the animated categories. Finally, and most telling, the nominations are starting to come out for other awards such as the Golden Globes and there hasn’t been a whole lot of nods for HP other than the categories I mentioned already. (You can usually predict the Oscars based on a combo of these other awards. It can make for a slightly boring awards season, unfortunately.)

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