Fantastic Beasts: The Presence Speaks

If you want to read the first published reviews of Crimes of Grindelwald, there are twelve thumbs up-thumbs down reviews posted at or go to this one-stop collection at Variety online. I hope to see the film on the 13th but may not be able to; whether I am or not, though, we won’t be discussing the film here until the 16th when everybody gets to watch and when the authorized screenplay is published. Much of the fun of a new book or movie is experiencing it for oneself, so I will refrain from commentary until a week from today.

That being said, I am excited about this short film clip below from the screenplay writer in which she discusses what she is after in the second Fantastic Beasts franchise chapter and in which she makes no ‘reveals’ or ‘spoilers’ with respect to plot points. She even shares her thoughts, believe it or not, on the “structure” of the film.

I do really enjoy a challenge. It was finding the structure to make sense of all these different strands, so that people understood when they hit our climactic scene, what was at stake, and why characters were reacting as they were reacting to Grindelwald. 

A transcript of these comments can be found here. “Finding the structure” — let’s make that our first task in figuring out how Crimes of Grindelwald does or doesn’t work. Enjoy! Accio 16 November!

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