Fire In Forks: Life Imitating Art Finale? Aro’s Revenge?

A good friend who lives on the Olympic Peninsula wrote me late last year that they had a fire in the city of Forks:

BTW, did you hear that a fire in Forks destroyed the Dazzled by Twilight store there a few weeks ago?  The store had already closed in January and its Port Angeles branch the month before:

Fire Closes Schools, Destroys Two Buildings
Page to Premiere: Dazzled by Twilight Destroyed by Fire
Peninsula Daily News: Twilight Eatery Closes in Forks
TwiFans: ‘Dazzled’ Shuttered

I hadn’t heard about the Forks fire; an apt metaphor, alas, for the peaking to diminishing ardor of the Twihards? Big flame-out at finale? Or is this the revenge of Aro? I visited Forks for the ‘Summer School’ FanCon that was held there when I was writing Spotlight: The Artistry and Meaning of Stephenie Meyers’ Twilight Saga and I confess there was an unreal air about the community’s identification with and excitement about Bella and Edward’s love story.

What are your thoughts? Should we expect the same sort of unhappy ending, albeit in less dramatic fashion, for the Twilight fan base? Is Fifty Shades its future? Or will it re-invent itself now that the movies are done as Harry Potter fandom has post-Deathly Hallows publication and cinema treatment (or as Trekkies did after the first series was cancelled)?


  1. Davetheshortwinded says

    John, (from Port Angeles, Fork’s neighbor), there have been TWO major fires in this small, Twilight city recently…and this in a place that “enjoys” 100+ inches of rain a year. Suspicious?? Is it the twilight of Twilight?

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