Forks in Nashville? CMT Twilight send-up.

It seems like Twilight is just about everywhere these day, but even the Country music folks have gotten the bug. This video, “Chicken and Biscuits” by someone who apparently calls himself “Colt Ford” ( I guess it could be his real name)  is proof. It’s a a pretty silly spoof, of course, with the big conflict being over who gets a plate of fried chicken, but it does demonstrate the pervasiveness of the Saga, particularly with the movie images, which are featured. Since none of the movie soundtrack songs are CMT material, I guess this is their way of getting their cut!


  1. Writing of spoofs, have you seen the shorts for “Vampires Suck” yet? My husband watched “Twilight” on DVD with me, and went to see “New Moon” with me in the cinemas, but I couldn’t ‘tempt’ him to see “Eclipse” with me. But he’s coming to see this one, and we’ll both appreciate it for different reasons, I’m sure.

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