Four Days Left to Get ‘Ravenclaw Reader’ Book Launch Special Features

RavenclawReader-KindleStarting next week, we’ll be rolling out the video and audio files of talks from the St Andrews University Harry Potter Conference along with live webinars and Q&A sessions with speakers at that event and those who responded to those talks in the just published anthology and Greatest Hits Collection, Ravenclaw Reader.  (Read all about that here.) Participants have been emailing me all this week in response to the video and free Severus Snape talk posted here, friends and serious readers in Germany, South Africa, Birmingham (UK and Alabama!), Scotland, China, Canada, and many of the United States.

f39163814Want to join us? Here’s what you have to do:

1. Buy the book. It’s available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and you can order it from other outlets. Amazon’s discounting the book an extra 10% which makes a good deal even better.

2. Let me know. Forward the letter confirming your purchase to me at John at HogwartsProfesor dot com or cut and paste it into this site’s Contact page and send it in.

3. Wait for the Owl. I will send you an invitation to the Membership Site where you will have to sign in with your name and email address both to get the link to the site and to sign up for announcements of material being posted and webinars being offered. The first owls in response to the international host that have written me to sign up are going out tomorrow.

St Andrews4. Welcome Aboard! You can click on the link to the site and watch my very brief welcoming video. Starting this weekend the Unlocking Press house-elves will be posting the first mp4 ‘vimeos’ for your viewing pleasure.

You have until Friday at midnight, then, to run that four point gauntlet! Get the book, let me know you’ve bought it, and then sign in for three weeks of international and in depth Potter conversation around the wonderful talks and responses in Ravenclaw Reader. It promises to be a blast — and it won’t be what it could have been if you don’t come along.

See you on the other side of the fire wall!



  1. Does this include all the papers from the conference?

  2. No, Danica, it does not. The editors wanted to keep the anthology to one volume rather than a multi-volume set.

    It was a three day gathering with multiple tracks going simultaneously…

  3. Cathy Lyons Colletti says

    Yes. I purchased the book and would like to sign up. Thank you so much for letting us know about the new book. I saw your letter on the Harry Potter for Seekers Yahoo Group. I have read all of your books Professor Granger and each of them has been very meaningful and helpful to me. Thank you. The lights of Hogwart’s shine brighter through what I have learned from your books!

  4. Dolores Gordon-Smith says

    I’m not trying to show off, but I bought two copies (Christmas is coming!) and I was at St Andrews. It was some of the best fun ever. I’d love to join the party!

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