Goblet of Fire: The Dream & The Pensieve (Chapters 29 & 30)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Chapters 29-30

Mark True statements with a “T” and False statements with an “F.” Spelling Counts. Please write your thoughts about the Discussion Points in the Comment Boxes below the quiz.

1. _____ Harry, Ron, and Hermione go round and round about the disappearance of Barty Crouch. They send an owl to Sirius the next morning and overhear Fred and George arguing about sending a blackmail note by owl or not.

2. _____ The Trio head to Professor Moody’s office but he assures them he didn’t find anything in the woods. He tells Potter to get to work on the Third Task and asks Ron and Hermione to help him as much as they can.

3. _____ Sirius writes a Howler to Harry that blasts him for taking chances near the forest with Krum. He demands Harry write him with the pledge to watch his step.

4. _____ Harry has a dream in Transfigurations class about Voldemort, Pettigrew, and Nagini. Professor Trelawney sends him to Dumbledore to be sure the Headmaster knows Harry scar is hurting and that the Dark Lord is coming back.

5. _____ Harry interrupts a meeting Dumbledore is having in his office with Cornelius Fudge and Alastor Moody about Mr. Crouch’s disappearance. Fudge thinks Professor Karkaroff, as a former Death Eater, has to be a suspect.

6. _____ Everyone leaves Dumbledore’s office except Harry who stays to wait on the Headmaster. He finds a basin in a cabinet whose contents “looked like light made liquid – or like wind made solid –“ and, incredibly, he falls into it.

7. _____ Harry finds himself in a memory next to Dumbledore at the interrogation of Igor Karkaroff. The prisoner names five Death Eaters, Rookwood the only one of interest to the Ministry, and Severus Snape, whom Dumbledore defends.

8. _____ The next trial Harry sees in the Pensieve is the sentencing of Ludo Bagman for “passing information to Lord Voldemort’s supporters.” Despite Crouch’s disgust, Ludovich gets off without a day in Azkaban from the jurors. Can You Say “OJ”?

9. _____ Harry then witnesses the sentencing of Crouch’s boy and three Death Eater companions. The boy screams to his father for mercy – and is told by the bellowing Mr. Crouch, “You are no son of mine! I have no son!”

10. _____ Dumbledore explains to Harry in his office that Crouch’s son was given a life sentence for torturing Neville’s parents to death. He says, too, that Karkaroff, Bagman and Snape have “never been accused of any dark activity since” then.

Discussion Points:
What do the three courtroom memories have in common? What is Ms. Rowling saying about wizard-justice? What have we learned about Karkaroff, Bagman, and the Crouch Family? What does Harry’s dream mean to Dumbledore? The Pensieve is critical to the ending of Deathly Hallows; any pointers to its importance in its first appearance?

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