Happy Kindle Harry Potter Day! What a Cornucopia of Choices!

I know it’s Hunger Games month here at HogwartsProfessor, but as the site name suggests, we’re serious readers of Harry Potter here first and last so there’s no way the big news of Kindle availability for all seven Hogwarts Saga titles is going unheralded. You can read here about the crush to buy that all but crashed Amazon’s Kindle store when the buy possibility for the first books went viral in fandom. The first three books in the series are selling for $7.99 and the four bigger novels at $9.99, Amazon’s ceiling for the highest percentage of sales being returned to publisher as profit (though it is very unlikely that Ms. Rowling isn’t taking home almost everything she makes there…).

In a remarkable case of serendipity, all three of Unlocking Press’ companion books that open up the world’s best selling novels in unexpected ways, to profound depth, with no little humor became available on Amazon Kindle on the same day as Ms. Rowling’s work! Check out Harry Potter Smart Talk ($4.99), God and Harry Potter at Yale ($6.99), and Harry Potter for Nerds ($8.99), all three of which, an Unlocking House-elf tells me, will be available on B&N Nook in the next few days.

So, if you’re an e-reader as well as a serious reader and you’ve been waiting for years to download Harry’s adventures and revisit them one by one on your preferred device, or if Grandmom with myopia has Kindle Fire and can now find out ‘what all the fuss is about,’ get ye to PotterMore or Amazon and have a great day. If you’ve been looking for the electronic versions of these commentaries from some of the best and brightest Potter Pundits in and out of Harry Potter fandom, today is your first chance to get them at e-low-prices!

And for Hunger Games friends who think Harry Potter is “so yesterday,” your older sibling’s or youngest child’s thang, then the Kindle store special has just what you need, too. All three of Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking Trilogy are $.99 each today, 28 March, and you want to read these books, believe me. Horror meets dystopia on a Sci Fi planet nightmare — with a boy, a girl, and his dog chased by men made mad by universal mind reading… Almost as much fun as a Reaping and Hunger Games!

Have a great Kindle day whatever you’re downloading and reading!

Full disclosure below the jump: I own Unlocking Press with my wife, I edited Smart Talk and I contributed an essay to For Nerds on Ring Compositionso this is a lot bigger day for me than most Kindle Potter-philes!

Please write and tell us all what you think of the books you’re reading today, ebook or wood-pulp versions in the comment boxes below.

And We’ll be Back to Hunger Games discussion tomorrow!


  1. Carol Eshleman says

    Smart Talk is awesome people! And Yale and For Nerds are definitely on my to read list! I know this is a loose topic connection, but… speaking of books…I wanted to ask you John, are there any books that you could recommend in particular concerning Christianity and the Lord of the Rings and Narnia series?? Just finished writing a paper and suddenly have an itch to start mulling about another one… Thanks!

  2. You’re a hoot, Carol! Thank you for the shout out, though, about Smart Talk, the best Harry Potter Pundit conversation and essay collection no one has ever heard of.

    Christianity and the Lord of the Rings? Anything by Stratford Caldecott you haven’t read already and if you’ve recently inherited some money, The Ring and the Cross is what I’d be reading if I were you.

    Christianity and Narnia? Assuming you’ve read Michael Ward’s book at least twice, think about Mythopoeic Narnia: Memory, Metaphor, and Metamorphoses in The Chronicles of Narnia by Salwa Khoddam.

    But back to the discussion before today’s hijacking, a word I didn’t think I was going to use today!

  3. revgeorge says

    Bought Smart Talk. Will pick up the other two later on. Still riding the high of finally getting the Potter books on Kindle…legally. 😉

  4. Carol Eshleman says

    Awesome! Thanks so much!

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