‘Harry Potter and the Reading Spell:’ Can you say “Global Shared Text”? Try It Out

RFI posted a story today called ‘Harry Potter and the Reading Spell’ about the breadth and depth of Harry’s reach into the hearts of readers everywhere. I have to admit these stories about Harry’s popularity — and the changes he makes in readers’ lives and in the quality of culture in far away places — still surprise me after all of these years. These magical adventures are not just an English-speaking world phenomenon, as we’ve known for years, but I confess that the universal response to the artistry and meaning is so profound.

Well, almost universal. Was it disappointing to read that Orthodox Christians in the Ukraine and the self-styled cognoscenti use Ms. Rowling’s work as a litmus strip of faith or intelligence? Not really. One, it echos our experience in the US only a few years ago, and, two, it tells us quite dramatically how seriously the books are being read (or not read!). Please read the article and let me know what you think.

(H/T to NikeNipter!)

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