Harry Potter in Durham

Here is a podcast from England. You should be able to click on the link below and then click on the center of the “UTube” box to view the podcast.


Of course, if I knew what I was doing, you wouldn’t have to see all this hodge-podge of words and symbols – but, if it works at all, I’m happy. The podcaster is a priest by the name of Father Roderick. Seems like a fun sort of chap to go sightseeing with.


  1. Bruce G Charlton says


    I was a Resident Don living in Durham castle for a year, and the Great Hall where I ate three times a day is certainly another Potter-like place


    And there is a second saint (as well as Curthbert) buried in Durham Cathedral: The Venerable Bede, great Anglo Saxon scholar and first historian of England, indeed the person who really invented the concept of the English.

    I also noticed you corrected your pronounciation during the podcast from the Americanized dur-HAM to the English DU-ram – well done!

  2. that was fun. Fr. Roderick’s enthusiasm is adorable. 🙂 How neat that he just happened upon a beautiful church that happened to have been part of the HP movies.

    Bruce, I cringed a bit myself at Dur-Ham, but I’m an American! In Massachusetts, my home state, we have many true English town names and spellings– and pronunciations. But I think as people got farther geographically from the colonial states, they got further away in pronunciation as well… many Americans don’t know that no word is actually supposed to have more than one stressed syllable.

    but oh well.. I get into it because I study Russian and many American English-speakers learning it have the same pronunciation problems because they read it off as every syllable emphasised.

    anyway, enough nonsense. I think it’s cool you were a Resident Don. 🙂 HP aside, Durham looks incredible on its own merits.


  3. Excellent little video. Thanks for posting it.

  4. padfoot1500 says

    Father Roderick actually has another podcast called the secrets of harry potter. Which would explain why he was so excited. Check it out it’s a great podcast.

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