Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey

Because of the several rumors I have heard for more than a year that Ms. Rowling was “finishing up a new book,” that her writing was as exciting as “having an affair,” and other impossible to confirm (not to mention unlikely?) stray news bits, I have been waiting on — and predicting privately and at talks — that there would be an announcement about and perhaps even a ‘just in time for Christmas’ publication of a new book. And I learned today that it has happened.

Well, sorta. Okay, not really.

What I found today was the announcement of a Warner Brothers fandom exploitation piece called Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey. If you follow that link, you’ll see the book is coming out 25 October as part of the Christmas rush post Halloween and that it is selling for $75. Go here to read about its “528 glossy pages” and everything you will learn about all eight films…

Let me know when we get a real book, okay? Or when a new Theme Park opens, y’know, something important.


  1. Four things I learned while watching the Katie Couric interview with Daniel Radcliffe:

    (1) His favorite book, far and away, he says, is Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita,

    (2) He’s a big supporter of the Trevor Project,

    (3) He doesn’t miss not having gone to Shakespeare classes at University, saying, “I think I’ll have my Shakespeare class when I do Shakespeare on stage,” and

    (4) He is a borderline stay-at-home boy and Luddite, owning an old Nokia cell phone and an iPad that was given to him as a gift.

    A remarkable young man.

  2. In fact, I am very upset with this.

    I bought the “Harry Potter Film Wizardry”, which is an excellent and amazing book, but of course, has not anything about the second part of Deathly Hallows.

    Now I know I could have waited and buy just this new book, which of course will include the same of the “film Wizardry” and the new things.

    I think it is a huge mistake of Harper Collins. They could have done a book only about the last film (something like a chapbook to add to the Film Wizardry?), have waited to release only a book… but this?

  3. I actually just ordered this off amazon a couple of days ago. Along with the Harry Potter pop-up book which looked really cool.

    The tales of Beedle the Bard is worth picking up.

  4. Daniel Radcliffe gets rave review for his performance in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

    H/T Arabella.

  5. While this looks really, really cool, I can’t believe the price!!!! I bought the first one for $35, but I don’t understand why this sequel is double that price! Anyone know why?!?!

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