Harry Potter Summer Fun 2008!

There is the annual HPEF Elvendork Festival, Portus 2008, this year in Dallas, TX, and a summer camp for Potter-philes, too. The Dallas Morning News write-up of Portus begins and ends with quotations from HogPro Friends Travis Prinzi and James Thomas.

What are you doing this summer as a Harry Potter reader? Any Deathly Hallows one year anniversary observances? Harry/Joanne birthday parties?


  1. revgeorge says

    I don’t know about festivities, but I’ll start rereading the whole series here this coming week. I can’t read just one, you know. They all go together.

  2. Once again we are in the Lone Star state where my personal journey into Pottermania began with the Professor’s *Looking for God…*. I am not reading at the moment….we are facilitating a grandkids-reunion…but I have GoF sitting at my bedside back home waiting for my return.

    July is a big month for us without the HP/JKR birthday bashes. However, I am especially fond of Sept 1 and the beginning of each school year as the date is my birthing-day as well.

    Wish we could pop up to Big D and enjoy the festivities; alas, no Flue Powder, Apparition license, or Firebolt at my disposal. Oh well.

    PJ, making memories with the grands.

  3. Portus is going great so far. With one day almost done, I nominate James Thomas’s excellent talk as Best Presentation. Not that I have any authority to do that, of course; but it’s the kind of work that serious readers love.

  4. So right you are, Revgeorge! Perhaps we should call the series the *Lays Potato Chip* of today’s literature….”Betcha can’t [read] just one!”

  5. Red Rocker says

    Well, I understand that both Granger and Prinze have books coming out, so I might take a look at those. The other thing is, I’m feeling a little adrift from the original text – been watching too many HP movies and doing too much analyzing and discussing – so I might try to get back to what turned me on in the first place.

  6. Red Rocker says

    And before anyone points it out, yes, I misspelled Travis’ last name. Reminds me of the time I called him Trevor …

  7. When in Ireland last March, I scoured every bookstore I could find in search of the Stephen Fry audiobooks. I was successful in obtaining COS, GOF, and DH (at a frightful expense, I might add).

    I was curious to hear the difference between Dale’s reading and Fry’s and must say, Fry is exceptional. I have only managed to listen to COS and I think I might like Fry’s reading a bit more due to the fact that he seems to be slightly more understated. Perhaps when I listen to the other two, I’ll have a more concrete reason for preferring Fry.

    I will be listening to the other two audiobooks while on vacation in Bass Lake, CA. I read both HBP and DH when they were released during the annual trek up to the lake (right along side several of the kids) and listening to the adiobooks will help ease the pain on not having any more Harry to look forward to.

    There’s nothing like reading/listening to HP while swaying in a hammock amidst pine trees and feeling the gentle breeze coming off the lake…….

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