Harry Takes Top Two Spots on Amazon 2007 Best Seller List

The seventh book and the DVD of the fifth movie.

Was anyone else startled that four of the Amazon top five best selling items were DVDs — and that Order of the Phoenix made it to number two on the list in a little over two weeks of sales time?


  1. Not surprised at all; I both gave and received a copy.

  2. Arabella Figg says

    Even though the OotP film was our least favorite, it sits upon our shelf, already seen again! Like it better but still don’t like the end from Sirius’ death on.

    By the way, HP is all over Entertainment Weekly’s Dec. 28/Jan. 4 end of year issue. In Reader’s Picks, OotP film was 4th (20%)of 5 listed (tops was Bourne Ultimatum with 28%) and it apparently was top novel, because that list begins with the title “What was the year’s best non-Harry Potter novel?”

    Luscious Badboy was disappointed to discover he wasn’t on any list in the mag…

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