Hedwig’s Theme – The Voice Version

My Gift to Y’all on the Feast Day of St Longinus!

And a talk I gave in 2010 captured on a cellphone camera, ‘The Historical Hidden Key to Harry Potter.’


  1. As a bit of thanks, here are Mercury,


    And Venus,


    From Gustav Holst’s “Planet Suite”.

  2. John, your ‘The Hidden Historical Key to Harry Potter’ is simply *brilliant*, in both the American and British usages of the term! The recording ended just as you were reflecting on a better story for Albus Severus Potter, and I’m on pins and needles waiting to hear that exposition. Where on hogwartsprofessor.com might we find “the rest of the story”? As always, thanks for bringing to us the sublime joys in connections between the mythic and the mystical!

  3. The story I told was an expansion of the one first told here in 2007 by Helen Ketcham and which wound up in ‘Cursed Child,’ sort of (Helen and I are not to blame for what was done with her story!). My only addition was as preface that Scorpius was befriended by Rose and Albus on the Hogwarts Express. They learned that the boy was despised by Slytherins because his parents had renounced the Pureblood cause (or seemed to have done so) and by the rest of the Wizarding World because his family was among the worst of the Death Eaters. Malfoy is sorted into Slytherin but no one cheers or makes a spot for him on a bench. Then Helen’s story, Potter sorted after Malfoy and having seen what happened, and then Rose, sorted next to last, joining them as well. All was well.

    Hat tip to Brian for finding the 2010 talk on YouTube (it’s in Harry Potter Smart Talk, too, if you want the written, expanded version).

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