‘Hogwarts Preparatory Academy’ Online with Joel Hunter

Independent scholar Joel Hunter, formerly of Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College, has launched a new venture called ‘Hogwarts Preparatory Academy.’ This will certainly interest HogPro readers because it features this Potter Pundit of note’s reflections not only on the Hogwarts Saga but also popular story. This week, for example, he reviewed the film ‘Whisper of the Heart.’ Check it out!

Dr Hunter has also ventured into guiding students online with success in an Honors Seminar. That happens at his name website — JoelHunterPhD.com. Read more about these tutorials — ‘Mastering the Human Event’ — here.

Elizabeth Baird-Hardy and I have both been to Arizona State during Prof Hunter’s tenure there and I had the pleasure of catching up with him at St Andrews University at the Potter Conference in 2012. His talk then on the Proppian analysis of Harry Potter using fairy tale elements was a highlight and is a featured piece in the paper collection from that conference that is about to be published. More on that in the coming weeks!


  1. Hi John – Having met Joel at St. Andrews it is good to hear about his recent adventures. We had the good fortune to attend his presentation on the Proppian analysis of Harry Potter. I still break out the analytical drawings and show them to friends of ours who love Harry Potter as much as we do. It was a fascinating discussion. I’ll definitely be following Joel on his new site. If you see him, wish him well for Ron and me.

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