Hogwarts Professor in UChicago’s Great Hall

Toni Gras snapped this picture of my daughter Sarah and myself at the University of Chicago’s ‘Great Hall’ (Hutchinson Commons) after my Halloween talk last Friday in Hitchcock Hall. I’ll write more on my little Midwest Tour tomorrow. Until then, one photo (after the bump) and one Fandom survey request courtesy of Dave the Longwinded at Hog’s Head.



  1. For anyone living near Cedar Rapids, there is a GrandPre Art Exhibit there with Harry Potter originals that is a must see (and which we couldn’t get to…).

  2. Did the portaits behind you converse with you? ;>)

  3. What a great picture of the two of you. And what a great room! Beautiful.


  4. John – the survey seems to be closed. Given that you just posted this yesterday, should this be the case?

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