Hogwarts Professor Sabbatical: Online March Madness at Barnes and Noble.com’s Waiting for Harry Book Club

What a weekend! I go to a clergy conference in California way out in the boonies (can you say “Oregon”? Well, close) and HogPro crashes the day I leave because the domain name wasn’t renewed. Why not? The company sent the invoice to my Washington snail mail address which doesn’t forward letters to us anymore.

Down we came. Thanks to all of you who wrote and a big “THANK YOU!” to Erick, who, as always, figured it out and brought the site back to life. Phew.

Today’s big news is that, after flying West Coast to Gulf Coast to East Coast (big country…) via Continental, I spent the afternoon dedicating, autographing, packaging, and mailing all the copies of Unlocking Harry Potter: Five Keys for the Serious Reader that were pre-ordered beginning back in the summer. A big stack of books, lemme tell you. Mary had to make two trips to the post office – and the post office folks weren’t happy to see her either time.

Oh, well! I hope that all of you who get your books this week – from Aukland, New Zealand, to London, UK and what seemed like every United State in between – will write me to say you received your book in good shape. I look forward to reading what you think in notes I can post here and in reviews you post at Amazon and BN.com.

Speaking of which, I will be posting daily at BarnesAndNobles.com’s (BN.com) Book Club Waiting for Harry all this next month, March 2007. If it’s anything like the old BNU discussion groups I did from 2003 to 2005, it promises to be very busy and more fun than you should be able to have writing about books online. I’ve already posted on Literary Alchemy and Narrative Misdirection — and I’ll definitely get the other Three Keys of the Five up there before the month is through.

Come join us! The gang is really going after Horace Slughorn (Evil! or P!Hero?) and I just finished reading a monster post about Professor McGonagall as a Black Hat (no joke!). Can Scar-O-Scope be far behind? I look forward to seeing you there and reading your thoughts in the com-boxes. No Skiving Snack Boxes, please!

If you’d like me to autograph and mail out your copy of Unlocking Harry Potter: Five Keys for the Serious Reader or WKAD? or HKHP today, just go to Zossima.com and order it. Mary has told me I won’t get any lunch at noon until I’ve signed that day’s orders so it will get to you promptly (as head of Zossima.com Shipping & Receiving, she’s quite the task master).

See you at Barnes & Nobles’ Waiting for Harry Book Club!


  1. bubbygirl1972 says

    Hi. it’s good to see you back. BTW thank you very much for the cd’s you sent me. when my life stops being crazy I’ll check them out.

  2. I just received my copy on Saturday…it was sitting in my mailbox until I opened it on Sunday evening. Thanks so much. I cannot wait to read it. I’ll definately stop by the B&N book club. Cheers 🙂

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