Hogwarts Professor Winter Vacation: Trips to Louisville, Kentucky, and to Huntsville, Alabama

We are on the cusp of breaching 150 inches of snow fall since Thanksgiving here in Central New York State, what one Canadian meteorologist has called this year’s ‘Snow Capitol of North America.’ I am especially delighted, consequently, to be traveling this week to Louisville, Kentucky, for a talk at the University of Louisville McConnell Center (details here) and the Climacus Conference (details here).  I fly farther south from there to Alabama for speaking dates at the Athens and Madison public libraries (details here and here) and at a parochial school. I’ll come home via New Jersey for a return trip to the Blair School’s Society of Skeptics, for an advanced session of Q&A with their witches and wizards.

The friend who scheduled all of these Alabama dates is a woman I met at Leaky Con 2009 in Boston — which reminds me; if you’re coming to Leaky Con 2011 in Orlando this July and you want to give a talk, your proposals have to be in by 28 February. Two weeks until the Programming closes — don’t be late! I’m looking forward to seeing you and hearing your talk in Florida!

I hope to see all HogPro All-Pros living in Louisville’s metropolitan area and friends in Alabama! I’ll be the guy in bermuda shorts and shades enjoying the tropical weather (or just the man smiling unnaturally because he doesn’t have to plow the driveway). 41 days with snowfall in the last 43… Whew– it’s Noah on ice up here!


  1. Well, God never promised He wouldn’t destroy the earth by snowfall. 🙂

    Anyway, if you’re in Huntsville, some of my relatives live there. Don’t think they’re big Potter fans though.

    What you need is some time in the mountains. Schedule some conferences in Denver or Fort Collins, Colorado. 😉

  2. Professor, I see you’re scheduled to speak at the CC a mere hour following your lecture at the McConnell Center!!!! Oh my….I hope you have your Firebolt at hand for a hasty get-away, or perhaps you have tucked the Invisibility Cloak into your briefcase in the event you have to disappear into the exiting crowd??
    In any case, God’s speed on your journey south and enjoy your sojourn into warmer climes.

  3. Sheryl Black says

    So enjoyed your lecture at Athens Library last night! Learned a lot and had a great time! Hope you can visit us again!

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