HogwartsProfessor on FaceBook and Twitter? Say it Ain’t So!

But it is! You can follow my thinkings, comings, and goings at ‘HogwartsProf’ on Twitter and at the Hogwarts Professor Facebook page! For those of you who have heard me joke that my wife and I agreed this wasn’t anything I should do because I’d wind up in a Social Media 12 Step Program in short order, I really wasn’t joking. Mary will be typing in all the tweets and FaceBook updates so those interested can hear about new posts at this site, of course, but also all about big Serious Reader gatherings, where and when I’ll be speaking, new ways of bringing me to your school, church, library, or bookclub, special offers on books, and video offerings at iTunes from my talks, interviews with other Potter Pundits, and lectures at conferences.

And did I mention the rumor of a new HogPro partnership with MuggleNet? See you over at the Twitter and Facebook pages!


  1. This is great news but can you put up a link? I can’t seem to find the facebook page…

  2. Susan Bowyer says

    Yes, I’d like to second that request, John. Please let us know where on Facebook to find you. I typed in ‘Hogwarts Professor’ in the search bar and was prompted to take a quiz entitled “Which Hogwarts Professor Are You?” Since I already know I’m Madam Sprout, I didn’t bother. 🙂

  3. Mary Granger says

    The Facebook page is John Granger, the Hogwartsprofessor. Here’s the link.


    I am still figuring all this out. Let me know if you can’t find the Facebook page.

  4. Mary Granger says

    Never mind the previous post. I just changed the Facebook page to Hogwarts Professor.

  5. Looks good! Thanks!

  6. Susan Bowyer says

    I see it!

  7. Oh no…I don’t tweet, nor do I Facebook! I hope the online partnership with MuggleNet will profitable for us HogPros who have chosen to limit their tech time. Congrats, Professor….and blessings to you, Mary!!!!

  8. oops…….I meant to say “…will be profitable…”

  9. HootSuite saved me from being consumed by the social media dragon. Here’s the link to their Web site: http://hootsuite.com

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