‘How Harry Cast His Spell’ Available Today

Sort of.

Pre-ordering for the updated and much revised Looking for God in Harry Potter is now possible at Amazon.com.

Check out that Golden Cover!


  1. Arabella Figg says

    John, are you going to be offering autographed copies from Zossima? And will they also be 1st/1st editions? We don’t order online, so Amazon is out for us. Can’t wait to read it!

    If kitties are “online” they’re after a string….

  2. Yes. Yes. I must have an autographed copy to make my set complete. Absolutely. Where and when and how do we get those, I ask, I query, I wonder?

  3. Make that a third vote for autographed copies!! Get my tent and lawn chair…I’ll camp in that line as well.

  4. Gladius Terrae Novae says

    Vote Four! I only ever read your book in the library, and when I tried to check it out later on, poof! I’d love to have an autographed first edition of my very own. That, and I’ll probably be able to keep up with all the literary alchemy comments better.

  5. My inner-Gilderoy is excited by these requests for loopy joined together writing; please take a number and wait in line quietly (until September?) when autographed copies of ‘How Harry Cast His Spell’ will be sold through the Zossima Press website or by my wife via correspondence.

    And thank you for these kind comments, even if you’re teasing me for letting said Gilderoy post this announcement. I’m writing full time and full speed ahead to make the deadlines for my other projects — and your eagerness to read something I’ve already written is very encouraging, even wind in my sails, during the doldrums patch I hit every day.

    Grateful John

  6. evangelion, indeed, Professor! I will force myself to wait or do again what I usually do, by the reader version for impatience and then get the autographed copy for the hermetically sealed vault with perfect humidity control to preserve the great books and autographs I possess. Alas, too few, too few. However, these I prize and will keep in the special niche behind the laser vaporiser and concertina wire.

  7. Arabella Figg says

    I’ve got first dibs! Just let me know when to send the knuts by my cranky owl, Badwig.

    I catch no perfumed, pampered, vain Gilderoy about, only the faithful, bow-tied Hogwarts Professor we all know and love. I’m eager to add HHCHS (see? already acronymed) to my Potter bookshelf, after reading it first, of course!

    Cleverpuss likes to sleep behind my Harry collection; he does all his brooding over his lost Silly there…

  8. Argh! It doesn’t always pay to order promptly, it seems. I read this the other night and ordered my copy from Amazon. Now I just hope I get it, as we were in the middle of switching the old laptop to the new one, and I lost some emails–including the confirmation one from Amazon.


  9. Hang in there, Pat…you’re just an order ahead of everyone and unintentionally following Inked’s plan of action anyway! (Thank you for the suggestion, Inked) My daughter gets my pre-read copies, so I will secure the Amazon release for lending purposes and obtain the autographed copy in September as a birthday present to myself! I think this plan works out quite nicely:-)

  10. Coppinger Bailey says

    Congratulations, John!
    I’ve been having fun recently with a dear friend who’s experienced a much-revised piece of work finally hitting pre-order status on Amazon. We’ve had daily tracking counts of its progress on the Amazon.com Sales Rank list. This activity has been a very welcome distraction from the stack of new research for her next project. Plus it’s WAY easier than MindSweeper.

    I have spread the news about LfGiHP before & will pass along this Amazon pre-order now. Looking foward to the September Zossima sales!

  11. Writing full time? What, what, pray tell? I remember you once mentioned planning a lit survey sort of thing, showing how alchemy and other smart medieval symbolic stuff runs through the course of British literature.

  12. Stay tuned! I hope to be announcing here next week that I’ve signed a contract for a book that has been in the works for at least three years. Not to mention news about a job in the fall…

    Thank you for asking!

  13. chrystyan says

    And is your Dante green-eyed research included in either book? Oh, say it is so!

  14. Chosen66 says

    Looking forward to the updated work! Can’t wait to buy up stacks and hand them out to Dursley-eque friends and family.

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