Hunger Games Talk Tonight at Full Circle Books

Read the Story. Review the Preview. Watch the Interview. Tell Your friends. Brush up on your Hunger Games. See you tonight!


  1. Arabella Figg says

    Excellent interview and article!

  2. So glad you now have this in the HogPro files for future reference. How was the event and did you have any surprising questions come your way???

  3. Because of the coverage in the local paper, the small meeting space at Full Circle was packed — and packed with serious readers of The Hunger Games, a real delight!

    I reviewed the artistry of the series first, with special emphasis on the title novel, its voice, genre mix, structure(s), and PoMo morality. They were interested and laughed at all the right times, but there were few real ‘wow’ moments until I jumped into the allegorical meanings, both political and spiritual, and then the alchemical symbolism.

    It was the first public talk I have given devoted entirely to Suzanne Collins’ work and I look forward to seeing the edited film version and sharing it with y’all here!

  4. Yeah!!!! Thank you for the update.

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