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The One Stop location for Hunger Games posts at HogwartsProfessor is now up. You can find it by scrolling down the ‘Pillar Posts’ listing in the left margin of the site’s home page and clicking on ‘Authors Not J. K. Rowling (Hunger Games, Etc.)’ and then ‘Suzanne Collins — Hunger Games’ on that page. Or just head straight there via this link! (For more on the purpose of and how to use ‘Pillar Posts’ see “The ‘Why’ and ‘How To’ of HogwartsProfessor Pillar Posts.”)

The timing of this post is no coincidence, of course, but due to the news that Collins is writing a prequel to the best-selling trilogy. (See ‘Let the Hunger Games Begin — Again!’ for that story.) There are close to one hundred Hunger Games articles listed in this Pillar Post so settle in for a fun catch-up of the best discussion available anywhere on the books and film adaptations.

Here is a taste of the very best to encourage you to check out the whole listing:



  1. Hi John !
    I don t know if you did, but did you write anything about the religious and alchemical meaning of the Mockingjay as a Bird in a golden circle?
    How the Phoenix and the Bird imagery is really meaningful in HG beyond the explanation given in the book of an hybrid creature?
    I always wondered, is there even a similarity To find with the mockingbird symbolism in the Harper Lee book ?
    Thanks, have a nice day !

  2. Hey John,

    I just saw this one pop up:
    Songbirds and snakes: The title and cover of ‘The Hunger Games’ prequel are here

    Wanted to share…

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