“I Hate Harry’s” Not Harry Haters Reborn

The video above is trending on YouTube and, as you might expect, to Old School Potter Pundits the tagline “I Hate Harry’s” sounded an awful lot like the nightmare days of the Potter Panic when demonstrating disdain for the adventures of The Boy Who Lived was something of a touchstone of faith in many Christian communities.

The good news? Harry Potter is not the ‘Harry’ being hated here. This ‘Harry’ is a shaving kit subscription service company that pulled their advertising from The Daily Wire, a news compendium and film making operation of a conservative bent. They pulled their $80,000 account because writers at the site think transgenderism is nothing more than a mental illness on the personal level and a mass delusion in postmodern culture. Harry’s says they draw the line at “hate” with respect to whom they will and will not advertise.

The Daily Wire’s response in a nutshell? “The only thing we hate is Harry’s.”

The Daily Wire, taking a cue perhaps from Quaker Confectioners in the UK in the 19th Century who elected not just to protest the horrors of the Industrial Revolution but to demonstrate corporate capitalism needn’t be contrary to Christian charity (Rowntree’s!), has  elected not to decry Harry’s wokeness but to compete with them in the marketplace. Their alternative to Harry’s is Jeremy’s — and the video above proves they are going to enjoy themselves in the process.

You can watch the CEO of The Daily Wire and of Jeremy’s explain their logic below. As Wire is a $100 million company, their determination to create an alternative economy for those who believe there are only two sexes is not a pipe dream. I suspect Bronte Studios is The Presence’s effort in the same direction, that is, not to have screen adaptations of her written work be prisoners for lack of an alternative to corporate capitalism’s cowardice.


  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says

    Do we know how people in the Wizarding World ‘shave’? No references spring to mind, but maybe I’m just (er, um) fuzzy on this… The first paragraph of the Wikipedia “Straight razor” article tells us “The predecessors of the modern straight razors include bronze razors, with cutting edges and fixed handles, produced by craftsmen from Ancient Egypt during the New Kingdom (1569 — 1081 BC). Solid gold and copper razors were also found in Ancient Egyptian tombs dating back to the 4th millennium BC. ” So, common heritage Muggle and Wizarding shaving seems plausible – as with various other ‘everyday artifacts’ – then again, there might (also) be magical depilation… I am suddenly haunted by memories of addressing Polyjuice potion gone wrong, which I should (have?) reread…

  2. Mrs. Conservative says

    I have been using these razors for two weeks now. It is a solid razor. I have no complaints. In the past I used disposable Gillette razors but after recent Gillette ads I certainly felt like I couldn’t buy their product anymore. I have a husband. A wonderful husband and he doesn’t deserve this company telling him to do better and they don’t deserve my money.

  3. Jeff Johnston says

    It’s funny to me that as soon as you disagree with the “woke” it’s automatically hate. I used Harry’s for almost a decade. Now, since they are calling me a “hater”, I will not longed provide them with my money. GO WOKE, GO BROKE! I don’s hate LGBTQ…. (who knows what letters are next) I DO disagree with their lifestyle choice. CHOICE! But I don’t hate them for it and for someone or some company to tell me that I’m a “hater” because I disagree! They don’t deserve my money.

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