Illustrated ‘Order of the Phoenix’ Pics!

Quick question: “Who in Dumbledore’s Army has a Swan Patronus? A Salamander?”

See the other Kay-Packer full color illustrations that have been released — Harry and Dumby before the Wizangamut, Neville and Luna on the Hogwarts Express, Firenze’s classroom, and the street view of the House of Black — at the Brazilian fan site, Accio News!

Hat-tip to Beatrice Groves!


  1. Beatrice Groves wrote this morning to say that Cho Chang’s Patronus is a swan and Hermione’s is an otter, her gracious way of telling me that the picture depicts that otter rather than a salamander.

    I know in my head she is right — but a Salamander is so much more interesting and hermetic! I’d like to think The Presence regretted her otter choice, as delightful as those creatures are, and told the illustrators to give Hermione a more alchemically tinted inner essence or logos representation. Her name almost demands it…

  2. Louise Freeman says

    Although, an otter is a member of the Weasel family, and Ron’s patronus, the terrier, was especially bred to catch them.

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