Infinitus Update

Infinitus is going fantastically! John had two presentations today, both of which had large, excellent audiences who were attentive, asked great questions, and bought lots of books! Those of you who have been to one of John’s programs know how super they are, and these were no exception.

It was great to visit with all the Potter Pundits in person, who take the stage tomorrow for a joint session! I also enjoyed meeting some of the wonderful folks we get to chat with here at Hog Pro. Tomorrow, it’s another great day of programming, with me bringing up the rear! If you are at Infinitus and haven’t said hi yet, come introduce yourself! Stay tuned for more from Sunny Florida! I’m off to run through my paper one more time, and I think John may still be in line over at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I hear the butterbeer is choice.


  1. Arabella Figg says

    I hope you’re all having a blast and that your talk went well today, Elizabeth!

  2. Elizabeth says

    It was wonderful today, Arabella! Thanks so much for asking! I’m not so sure about my talk, as it was the last one of the day, and I stopped making sense to myself toward the end, but I had a great group of folks who stuck with me, and I think we had fun! We’ll have a full report soon, but I need to download my brain first.

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