Israel Bans Arabic Harry Potter

It seems to be more about Israel refusing to buy books and products from Syria and Lebanon (even if sold through Jordan), but the story has a Death Eater/Dark Lord feel to it as presented.

Your thoughts, please.


  1. We don’t import Spanish-language editions from Cuba, either. I’m not saying is a direct correlation, but it’s a similar situation–although I think we can get Cuban cigars bought in Canada. 🙂

    Funny how they’re tied to a law from a colonial power no longer ruling the region.

  2. John, in all respect, I must tell you that saying that the story has a Death Eater/Dark Lord feel does seem a little harsher then it ought to be to me.

    My understanding is that it’s more to do with a decades old law. It’s the same here, we have laws that were a great idea years ago but now should be reconsidered, for example, zoning. Designed to prevent factories from popping up in residential areas it now makes it difficult for small business owners who wish to set up shop in the wrong zone. It’s certainly not like the bans of Harry Potter we see in various groups. The book burnings and such have much more Dark Lord feel to me then this does.

  3. Misunderstanding, I think. I meant “the story as it has been written up,” especially with the headline it has, seems to be purposively provocative and misleading (painting the Israelis as Nazis).

  4. Ah, I see. A misunderstanding indeed then. I definitely see what you meant now. Thank you.


  5. Sayf Bowlin says

    Not a surprise. Ever since Abraham didn’t wait for God to fulfill His promise and sired Ishmael, the Arabs and Jews have been going at it. Helicopters and bombs don’t work, so it’s also going to be economic. “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Ps. 122).

    – Sayf

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