J. Robert Barth: ‘Romanticism and the Religious Tradition’

Okay, okay, it is ‘Hunger Games Month’ at Hogwarts Professor, so we’re spending some time every day with the best selling books and the ironies woven into ironies of the Big Sale from the Capitol Gamesmakers making a Giant Hollywood Media Spectacular from books largely about the soul corrosive qualities of those Giant Hollywood Movie Spectaculars. But there’s time still to talk about the substance, the ‘inside bigger than the outside,’ of literature and the spirituality implicit to fantasy fiction that, per Eliade, drives its popularity.

For a wonderfully generous helping of that main course and dessert, please watch the late J. Robert Barth’s (SJ) talk on ‘Romanticism and the Religious Tradition.’ You’ll understand Katniss and Kompany, I’m guessing, as well as our love for her and our experience within her story, better for this time in the ‘Front Row’ at Barth’s Boston College talk.


  1. These are the life masks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Blake, by the way.

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